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Direct line : +33 678 630 968

Our process

Planning is at the root of a reliable system.

Our team will analyze your environment, needs and requests and develop multiple solutions that they will explain in plain English so you can choose the best one for your scenario.



We never go in without fully understanding the conditions, requirements, and challenges we need to overcome for our clients. Planning and making all involved parties fully understand all aspects is essential in every project.



Designing your future system takes into consideration not only your requirements and your lifestyle but your existing systems, their state and dependencies, so everything just works.



Our team of expert installers and engineers has extensive experience that spans over 20 years of automation system and A/V systems integration, IT and networking, cybersecurity, TVRO, VSAT, and much more.


All of your independent systems (such as Audio-Video, security system, CCTV, intercom, and garden irrigation) can be controlled using a remote control or smartphone. They can be integrated into one central system to communicate with you through your mobile phone or TV screen. Azure AVS provides installation services and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every client. We design and install integrated AV systems that work the way you want. It begins with your wishes and then continues with our solutions. We always consider your actual needs and find a solution, and we never limit your imagination. Today’s technology can offer you excellent solutions if they are combined appropriately. Don’t let anyone tell you that: “this is not possible”. Technology has evolved precisely because people have asked: “I want this, and I don’t accept anything else.” Our solutions include total connectivity between all devices in your location, including Satellite or Terrestrial TV, VoD, AoD, Blu-ray or 3D player, Apple TV, Intercom, CCTV network, and anything else that you can imagine. All your devices can be controlled by using a remote control or smartphone. Let us show you how you can simplify your life. A multi-room system allows you to access all resources from every room without disturbing others and without having to search for the “one” remote control. Everything will be on your TV screen or your iPad, and all of the information will be intuitively user-friendly. High-quality equipment produces dramatically superior sound and images, but what is just as important as the quality of the installation and wiring of the AV system. Everything from the main components to the wiring of the speaker system must be carefully tested and calibrated to ensure that the sound emanates perfectly and does justice to the quality of the equipment you have chosen.


You may already have an AV system in place. But if it’s been in place for several years and hasn’t been revised or upgraded since it was first installed, are you really getting the best experience?
At Azure AVS, we provide tailored AV upgrades that can be deployed to modernize your system and bring it up to date, ensuring the very best experience for your clients or staff.
Even if your AV system was considered top-of-the-range when it was initially installed, technology keeps improving at considerable speed over the years – and this has led to the development of software and hardware with incredible capabilities and an impressive array of features.
These modern AV systems are designed to be extremely user-friendly and easy to start. If your setup is neither of these things – and you feel your system is hindering your lifestyle instead of supporting it – it could be time to invest in an upgrade.
Our engineers can advise on all manner of audiovisual upgrades, from minor improvements to complete system overhauls. The level of service you require from us will depend entirely on the functionality you’re going for and how much you’re willing to invest in your new equipment. Together, we can explore your requirements in more detail to develop a plan of action designed to future-proof your audiovisual setup and quickly integrate it into your technological ecosystem.


One of the essential services is structured data cabling for any solution. More precisely, we can assist you with guidance and management of your entire audio-video system, home automation system, security system, TV satellite installation, low voltage network. Every project is different, so we treat every case individually.
You can have total control over your entrance gates, lighting, heating, security systems, windows, curtains, and blinds with us. All can be incorporated into your control system to use only one button regardless of your location. Our team of experts will make sure that you preserve the beauty of your design interior, and this is by keeping all of this technology out of sight until you need to use it.
New technology will help to ensure your time at home is easy, convenient, enjoyable, and secure. Your entrance gates, lighting, heating, security systems, windows, curtains, and blinds – control them all with one press of a button from anywhere in the world. Getting our solution for your home from the very beginning will ensure that you preserve the beauty of your design interior, and this is by keeping all of this technology out of sight until you need to use it. Integrate a variety of mechanisms that will completely hide your TV screens when they are not in use. You’ll hear your music from anywhere, with no visible speakers. Your favorite movies will be available for you in a second without losing any time without having to search through countless DVDs.
Interfaces such as switches, remotes, touch screens, PC access, or mobile phone access are also chosen to fit with the current or planned design of the building and its occupants in terms of both functionality and visual appeal. All of your independent systems ( such as Audio-Video, security system, CCTV, intercom, and garden irrigation) can be controlled using a remote control or smartphone. The system can send you information about your home environment and security system status when you are with your family on holiday. Everyone has their distinct personality, so every project is different. Our solutions are designed to satisfy every requirement and create a multi-functional system that entirely meets your needs.


Azure AVS provides reverse engineering services to various customers and industry sectors, especially for superyachts and luxury properties.
Reverse engineering allows us to digitize objects into a 3D CAD model accurately. In several cases, yachts have legacy parts of systems with components that have been removed or modified, with no existing updated documentation. Azure AVS can support you in updating your documentation to get back on track with your yacht day by day operations.
Older installations documentation is often out-of-date or missing. Here is where reverse engineering comes into play. We analyze your entire installation, understand how different systems interact, and identify and remove any obstacles such as password-protected configurations and obsolete components incompatible with new standards. Security is paramount, so when re-designing your infrastructure, we consider all risk factors introduced by older or incompatible equipment and advise accordingly. Reverse engineering allows us to not only help you get back control of your ecosystem but see what the vulnerabilities and weak points are and help you make an informed decision.
We produce documentation of all changes to your systems so all your technical blueprints are up to date.


No matter if you need to keep your staff connected, support 30 laptops in an office scenario, or need to offer a solution for guests, we have the key and the track record of making your project succeed.
We understand how high-density Wi-Fi works and how careful planning is needed to ensure a successful project and help from survey through the installation. Our service begins with understanding what needs to be achieved. We then move to a study of the coverage area from which a detailed plan can be created to ensure success.
We work to eliminate all areas of interference around your site, identifying and targeting points that may be working to slow down your connection. Generated from several potential sources from everyday equipment such as industrial machines or close-by networks, Wi-Fi interference can disrupt stable connections even close to an Access Point. If set up incorrectly, even your network can generate co-channel interference.
When technology and security requirements continually evolve, you need hardware to support these changes.
The dedicated structured cabling installed by our engineers can accommodate new hardware and support the increasing amount of data that you use each day.
To ensure the least disruption to your business, we use pre-existing cabling and add structured appropriate Cat cables or dedicated fiber cabling to ensure futureproofing your networks and support your present and future needs.


A closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, including cameras, monitors, digital video recorders (DVRs), is the best protection system you can get, providing surveillance and protection for your home and business.

Azure AVS works with qualified CCTV installers to offer surveillance systems & security camera installation services.

Determining the perfect CCTV setup for your home and business depends on several factors, including the size and architecture of your property, the features you are looking for, your staff’s workflow, or your security policies. Azure AVS will help you choose the right surveillance system which will suit your needs perfectly.

We understand that the most important aspect is to have your business functioning smoothly and safely, which is why we offer CCTV systems from the best suppliers in the industry. Azure AVS can help you get up and running every type of camera, from traditional CCTV camera kits to complex commercial systems which incorporate multiple cameras.

The systems we offer have various features to enhance the surveillance and monitoring of any business. We include the following technological capabilities of our security cameras:

  • Analog and IP camera solutions;
  • High definition resolution;
  • Motion-activated light and sound deterrence;
  • Night vision technology;
  • Off-site monitoring and control;


Whether you need our help setting up the latest CCTV systems using Wi-Fi (IP)-enabled cameras or configuring DVRs for remote viewing on smartphones or tablets, Azure AVS offers you integrated and complete services.


Structured cabling standards define how to design, build, and manage a network cabling system that is composed of blocks that have particular performance characteristics. These blocks are integrated hierarchically to create a unified communication system. The standard defines the use of UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable, STP (shielded twisted pair) cable, and fibre-optic (single and multimode) cable.
All network outlets terminate at a central patch panel normally rack-mounted in a communications cabinet, typically using Category 5e, Category 6, Category 6a, Category 7 cable, and modular sockets. Each outlet can either be patched into a data network switch or into a voice patch panel that connects to a PBX telephone system, creating a voice port. Structured cabling provides the flexibility that enables changes to be made quickly and easily. Larger installations may have multiple communications racks throughout their site. Typically these equipment rooms are linked by fiber-optic cable.
Azure AVS has extensive experience in providing structured cabling solutions for organizations of all sizes and is highly regarded for its quality and for delivering projects on time, every time. Trust Azure AVS to design, install and maintain a network that will meet your site’s current and future network requirements.